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Hershey Bar Cake

FoodLauren McLamb
Hershey Bar Cake


If you were to ask most musicians here in Nashville what their most prized possessions are, most would probably be guitars, pianos, albums, etc. One of mine? My grandmother’s old cookbook. It’s filled with handwritten recipes from my great-grandmother, who passed them down to my grandmother, who passed them down to me. 

I know everyone thinks their grandmother is the best cook, but I’m pretty sure both of mine actually are the best. The recipes in this book are not only unbelievably delicious, but for me, anything I make from it brings back so much nostalgia from my childhood. My grandmother’s Christmas candy, ten-layer chocolate cakes she would have ready when we came in the door because she knew they were our favorite, tables sprawling with desserts during Homecoming at church – which was bigger than Thanksgiving for us – you name any family affair, these recipes made an appearance.

I recently took a trip to Paris where I took cooking classes and learned how to make all kinds of decadent pastries like éclairs and, my favorite, macarons. While those sweet treats were amazing – and significantly more difficult to make – my favorite recipes will always be the simple ones that come from this little family cookbook in my kitchen.

I can’t give away all the family secrets, of course, but I do want to share my favorite with you so all of you baking gurus can have a taste! Hershey Bar Cake. Hershey bars and cake. The two most wonderful guilty pleasure foods put together.  It’s like a dream. *Major heart eyes* (This is a fairly easy one, too, so even if baking isn’t your thing you should give it a try!)


What You'll Need: 

1 Swiss chocolate cake mix (any brand will do)

1 small package of vanilla instant pudding

1 cup of oil

1 ¼ cup of milk

3 eggs

3 circular cake pans, very well greased


1 cup of powdered sugar

12 oz. Cool Whip

8 oz. cream cheese, softened

5 Hershey bars


Step 1. Mix together cake ingredients. Bake at 350º for 25 minutes and cool thoroughly.

Step 2. Chop the Hershey Bars into very, very small pieces. (This part can count as your arm workout for the day, I’m telling ya.)

Step 3. Mix cream cheese, powdered sugar, and cool whip. I’d recommend mixing this part by hand or using a very low setting on an electric mixer so that the icing stays thick.

Step 4. Add in the candy pieces and spread over cooled layers. That’s all it takes for the perfect Hershey Bar Cake!  Let me know how yours turns out!