My 45 Minute Travel Workout

My 45 Minute Travel Workout

I basically live a gypsy life. I travel around in my 2005 Toyota Camry (missing all four hub caps ha ha) with my sound system, guitars, and suitcase (basically my whole closet) loaded in the back. I am never in one place for more than a couple weeks, but I prefer it that way - keeps life interesting!

Fitness, alongside music, has always been a huge part of my life. Ever since I was little, my parents have kept me and my siblings moving. There was no such thing as laziness. Being raised that way, it has continued to stick with me all throughout college and these past few years of travel.

One might wonder - Well if you're on the road and in different locations all the time, how do you go to the gym?? The answer is : I don’t.

I have created a workout that works on-the-go, and requires very little equipment. For all my fellow music travelers out there who are trying to stay in shape, this could be perfect for you! All you need is:

  • two 15-20 pound dumbells

  • two 5-10 pound dumbells

  • jump rope

  • resistance band


This workout is great because it’s quick AND covers your whole body. We all know there is music to be written and played so our workouts cannot consume our whole day!!! ;)

Let’s start with arms/shoulders:

1. 20 curls (10 each arm) with 15-20 pounds

2. 12 overhead tricep extensions with 15-20 pounds

3. 20 one-arm rows (10 each arm) with 15-20 pound weight

4. 20 Resistance Band Arm extensions

Bring arms straight forward, then back out as shown in picture below

Extend arm all the way down, then raise up as shown below. Make sure to tighten your muscles as you do this.


5. 10 Side lateral raises & 10 front lateral raises (Alternate between two) with 5-10 pound dumbells each arm



Next is legs/butt. Beginners - you may want to either lower your weight, or do less reps.

1. 50 lunges with 15-20 pound weight in hands

(IMPORTANT : make sure your knees do not go past your toes)

2. 20 back side lunges with 15-20 pound weight

(push that leg as far back as you can!)

3. 30 leg raises

(push your leg up in the air until you feel it right below your butt)

4. 30 front lunges with 15-20 pound weight in each hand

(push each leg out at a slight angle away from your body)

^^^DO THIS 2 TIMES!!^^^



I didn’t take pictures for these, but you’ll get the idea. If you google the names, they should come up!

  • 20 crunches

  • 30 toe touches

  • 1 minute plank

  • 40 bus drivers

  • 10 leg raises (lay flat on the ground, lift legs up, then slowly release them back down - don’t let your feet touch the ground until your done!)

  • 20 bicycle crunches

  • 20 heel touches (lay down with knees up and feet flat on ground, side to side touching your heels)

^^^Repeat 2 or 3 times! ^^^

Now, for cardio, you can decide what you need. Personally, I am trying to gain muscle and put on some weight, so I only do a little right now. If you’re trying to lose some pounds, jump rope is key, AND it works your abs, arms, and legs!! Do 1 minute intervals of fast jumping, take a break for 30 seconds, then go again. Repeat 5 or 6 times. If you’re trying to get real intense with cardio, try the Insanity cardio workout video… it kicks your butt.

So there it is! - My 45 minute travel workout! I hope you guys find it as helpful as I do. You can add your own flare to it, or take out whatever you don’t like and replace it with something else…just do what makes you feel good and  healthy, because that’s what it’s all about! All I know is, when I workout, I feel like a whole other person, AND I write better songs ;) Go out and sweat, friends!!