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7 Steps for Curls that Rock!!

BeautyKatie Austin
7 Steps for Curls that Rock!!

In my awkward preteen years, I would’ve traded anything – even all the Backstreet Boys concert tickets in the world for stick straight hair!! I had a lack of product knowledge, so I usually rocked a half curly half poofy brillo pad or a flat gelled down wet mop. I always put waaay too much or not nearly enough of the absolutely wrong product. Aren’t all products created equally? Ummm. No. My first attempt at “better hair days” was to blow dry my hair straight with a round brush followed by a flat iron. Every. Single. Day! Eventually school, hobbies and extracurricular activities became more demanding and I became more lazy. Spending 45 – 60 minutes rebelling my natural curls got old real fast. I’m happy to say I’ve found what works for my head of curls and have learned to love them. Below are my 7 Steps for curls that are "Larger Than Life." See what I did there? #BSB4LIFE

1. Sulfate free Shampoo

Salon visits aren’t cheap so I surely don’t want to see my money washed down the drain. Not only can Sulfate fade your color faster, but the harsh chemicals can also dry out your snapchat worthy strands.

2. Rinse Out & Leave In Conditioner

Curly hair is naturally more dry and brittle so we need all the help we can get!! Not only do I use rinse out conditioner on the ends of my hair, but I also use a leave in conditioner after towel drying my hair. Leave in conditioners are lighter in weight and can help with moisture, tangles and frizz.

3. Wide Tooth Comb


Using a wide tooth comb aids in the detangling process with less hair fall out. It’s also more gentle on the scalp and helps with breakage and less split ends. Try using a wide tooth comb during either step of the conditioning process rather than any old brush lying around. Feeling crazy? Skip the detangling process all together once in a while.

4. Blow Dryer with a Diffuser

We can all admit that diffusers look weird. Liiike…who designed them and are they fans of Freddy Krueger ? Nonetheless, they really do make a difference. They circulate and diffuse air around your curl pattern instead of being blown straight onto it. This is less damaging and also keeps frizz at bay. I usually let my hair air dry a little while doing my makeup and then finish it off with this winning combo!


5. Curl Defining and/or Volume Styling Products

When picking out styling products, make sure it’s right for the texture and length of your hair. Most of the time I use a curl defining mousse that also helps with volume so it doesn’t weigh down my long hair. If you’ve got thicker shorter hair and don’t want volume, you may want to try a curl defining cream. It’ll be better and taming down the growing poof that won’t quit.

6. Shine Spray

Does this glorious stuff even need an introduction? Just do it. You’ll love it. Just remember to focus spraying on the ends or you could end up looking a little more Grease Lighting than Shine Bright Like A Diamond.

7. Hairspray & Teasing Comb

If you’ve got longer or thinner hair, you may want to tease your hair at the roots for a little extra oomph! I use a stronger hold hair spray at the roots and a more flexible one for the rest. And voila! You’re all set to take on the world! Or the day. Or your Curls!