BeautyCatie Offerman

All Of My Favorite Skincare Products

BeautyCatie Offerman
All Of My Favorite Skincare Products

Growing up, I’d always see girls (at the grocery store, restaurants, etc.) and you could tell they had just gotten out of bed – no makeup and flawless. Like how is that even possible? I wake up and my hair resembles the dreads tangled in my long haired Chihuahua’s coat, my face has an imprint of my watch from sleeping on my hand, and my under-eyes look like someone hit them with a bat. Okay maybe that’s a little extreme…but I was always jealous of the girls that made looking beautiful seem so effortless. I used to spend 2-3 hours getting ready in the morning. I’d get my mom to curl my hair twice a day so I could still look fresh by the evening. RIDICULOUS. I also used to think putting a ½” layer of my mom’s Curel lotion on my face overnight would make it clear and dewy by morning – nope, just clogged. Don’t worry… I don’t do that anymore. Gotta learn the hard way sometimes, right? I’ve realized how people perceive us is generally not how we perceive ourselves. What we find an imperfection is likely still envied by someone else. I think it’s important to own what you were given, embrace your beauty, and be confident – that God made you that way for a reason, and you’re perfect.
With that being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t still take care of yourself, your skin, and your body! I’ve always been fascinated by skin. I really try to do as much as I can to be good to my body. I try to drink plenty of water and eat relatively healthy. Water and diet is very important in maintaining healthy, clear, glowing skin. I can’t just sit back and do nothing for my skin. It will 100% break out and not love me. I’ve always been a makeup, hair, and skincare junkie. It’s fun! Especially growing up playing shows all the time… it was a good excuse to get dolled up. I’ve tried about every foundation, skincare line, hair products, etc., and I’ve finally just about got my routine down. I’ve also grown up a lot and realized that I like a more natural look. I’m a huge fan of eyelash extensions (I feel like that contradicts what I just said about being natural). I love focusing on the face and letting the lashes do the work for my eyes. I haven’t worn eye makeup in years. It really helps cut down on the time it takes to get ready in the morning. I can’t promise they will all be drugstore prices, but I feel like it’s worth investing on what you’re putting in and on your body. And I’ve truly given all products a chance from drugstore to high end. Here are the products I use daily in my routine and can’t live without:

Foreo and/or Clarisonic Brush (game changers!!) $139 Foreo/ $99 Clarisonic Mia at Sephora


OLEHENRIKSEN Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser (use with one of the cleansing brushes) $25 Sephora

Tea Tree Oil – use a tiny bit as a spot treatment. It also works extremely well to heal
fever blisters on your lip. $5.99 Whole Foods

Rezimid Sulfur acne spot treatment $25 online

Aczone (from Dermatologist) – depends on insurance

By Terry Densiliss Foundation $116 Cosmetic Market

Use foundation with a Real Techniques Beauty Blender $5.99 Target

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer $35 Sephora

Laura Mercier Foundation Powder $48 at Sephora

The Hair Shop LA hair extensions (7 piece clip-ins) $169-$200 – great color matching online

Eyelash extensions in Nashville – LASH or Southern Lash
Lounge (prices vary)

PRODUCTS! :) Xo – Catie, Holly, and Olive