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Fall Fashion of 2017

FashionCaroline Kole
Fall Fashion of 2017

The body glitter, face jewels, space buns, and therefore "festival season" is coming to a close (NOOOOO!!! VIVA BONNAROO AND COACHELLA AND LOLLA!!!!!!! I know, I feel the same)

BUT DO NOT FRET MY FRIENDS- and by the way you can still rock all of those things- for this means the coming of a new era…FALL!

Time for football season, tailgates, crisp autumn weather, cinnamon/ pumpkin desserts and lattes to match, and of course, the fall fashion. Is anyone else as excited as me??!!

Ok, so let's get to it! THE FALL FASHION OF 2017.

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The color palette this time of year begins to lean more towards darker and sultrier tones such as burgundy, maroon, navy blue, dark greens, burnt oranges, etc…as well as the more neutral hues. Therefore, it’s about time to trade in the neon yellow halter top with the hot pink palm trees (wait does that shirt actually exist…? Because I may want one…judge me!)

But there’s more than just color changes to keep in mind for your fall wardrobe!  After flipping through countless magazines, scanning fashion blogger profiles, and reading 2017 fall fashion articles, I’ve picked my top 5 favorite fall trends! Some of them may freak you out, but hey, new season, so consider incorporating a few of these elements into your day to day this September/ November!

1. Plaid

Yep! The fall classic. Plaid skirts with a lace up body suit and leather jacket, plaid scarves over neutral color tops, and don’t forget plaid flannels! DUH! It’s ‘bout that time! Tie them around your waist or wear them over a graphic tee/ band tee with some ripped skinny jeans and you’re ready to go anywhere from tailgates to weekend parties.


2. Bell sleeves / Bell bottom jeans

Anyone that tries to tell you bell sleeves or bell bottom jeans are not relevant could not be more wrong! Honestly, the more 70’s vibes you exude and the more Polaroid appropriate the outfit, the more on trend you are! You can find ADORABLE off the shoulder bell sleeve tops anywhere online and killer bell bottom jeans for great deals! Throw in a pair of those orange lens aviator glasses and a peace sign, and you might as well have been at Woodstock!


3. Velvet

Velvet skirts, velvet blazers, and velvet dresses! Oh my! Crushed velvet is especially popular right now, I see this print on a lot of dresses mainly! Work this texture into your date night wardrobe with a velvet tank top tucked into a denim skirt and knee high boots, let a velvet dress speak for itself with a leather jacket to put on when you get chilly (or wear his!!), or literally anything with a velvet skirt! #Winning



Really! Overalls!!! You read it right!! And you’d be surprised how easy it is to dress them up and play with them. Ripped, skinny, flared, light wash, dark wash- with so many different styles, it won’t be hard to find a pair you love (and one that super flatters your trunk!) Unhook one side to show off the top your wearing, like a jersey perhaps! A cute pair of overalls is the perfect outfit for cheering on your favorite team or for some basic pictures at the pumpkin patch!

5. Metallic

Something that might surprise you is the fact that metallic is a big trend this fall, as well! Especially metallic shoes. The perfect accessory to transform any simple basic outfit into a WOW BOOM POW kinda look! Effortless! Take a look at these metallic loafers and metallic platform sneakers. (Not quite ready to trade in your open toed summer shoes for booties just yet? Upgrade to these flashy sandals to keep comfortable and on trend!

*Honorable mention trends!*

1.) Fishnet tights as cool layering pieces (try under ripped jeans or velvet skirts to add some edge!)

2.) Wide belts/ Corsets (Very cool over t-shirt dresses!)

3. Lace up tops (Branch out into the lace up sweater market too like this one!)

My ultimate tip? Pair any fall outfit with a dark lipstick, a swipe of mascara, a littttttle contour and BOOM. Effortlessly fall chic! You go girl!

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